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For many companies, the days of traditional face-to-face meetings are long gone. With Web conferencing, you can sit at your desk in Detroit and share ideas with coworkers in Fresno and Hong Kong. But how secure is the information you send in Web conferences? And will your company find out if you space out and start Facebooking during a virtual meeting? Take the quiz to find out.

What's the difference between a Web conference and a Web seminar?

Web conferences are for groups of 10 or fewer people, and 'Webinars' are for larger groups.


True or false: Web conferences are run by one leader who does all the presentations.

False. All Web conference attendees can speak and present -- it's in Web seminars that one person usually speaks without much interaction.


True or false: There's almost no limit to the number of people who can attend a Webinar.

True. There can be thousands of people in a Web seminar.


In March 2010, this company unveiled a Web conferencing system that involves 3-D graphics and attendee avatars.

With Venuegen's conferencing system, attendees can make their own avatars with specific facial expressions and 'moods.'


True or false: In a Web conference, any attendee can share the contents of his or her desktop with the others.

Yes, as long as that person is the designated presenter. And the presenter can be changed, so everyone would get a chance to do that.


True or false: In most large Webinars, all of the attendees are usually muted except the presenter.

True. As you can imagine, things could get kind of loud if the entire seminar could hear everyone else clearing their throats.


What's one disadvantage of instant-messaging information during a Web conference?

Security experts warn not to IM sensitive information because the system isn't as secure.


According to a 2010 report, medium- to large-size companies are planning to reduce spending on Web conferencing.

False. The study by Cisco found that Web conferencing and other 'collaboration tools' were targets for increased spending in 2010.


What percentage of information technology decision-makers at these companies said they regularly used Web conferencing?

Sixty-nine percent reported using -- and benefiting from -- Web conferencing technology.


How are questions to the presenter often handled during a Web conference?

These days, most Web conferences have IM and chat capabilities, so attendees can easily ask questions of the presenter.


True or false: There are programs that can tell a Webinar's organizers how well the attendees paid attention.

Kind of scary, but true. Some Webinars have programs that can tell if people's attention drifts during the conference.


What's the 'Brady Bunch effect' in a videoconference?

If the conference is small enough -- and everyone has Webcams, of course -- all attendees can be shown on the screen, a la the 'Brady Bunch' opening.


What's one disadvantage of a video conference?

Video conferences don't offer as much opportunity for communication between the presenter and attendees.


Is there a standard Web conferencing technology?

No, things aren't standardized -- yet.


SSL encryption is an essential part of Web conference security. What does SSL stand for?

Secure socket layer encryption ensures that the Web conference data will be unreadable to any unauthorized readers.


When you're looking for a service to host your Web conferences, you need to make sure the service uses a third-party auditor. Why?

Third-party auditors are certified accountants who determine that the vendor is making good on its security promises.


What's one thing the conference host is NOT responsible for?

The host is responsible for everything, basically. But probably not for refreshments -- that would be a little over-the-top.


What's a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a shared screen where attendees can brainstorm and share documents.


Are all Web conferences completely Web-based?

Some are totally online, but others use phones for the audio portion, and others require some software installation.


Web conference audio can be transmitted over the phone or using this kind of technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make phone calls over the Web.


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