Quiz: Weapons of World War II
Weapons of World War II
By: Nathan Chandler
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Engineers learned lessons from the first World War and applied their new knowledge to the killing machines of World War II. How much do you know about World War II weapons?

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What kind of weapon was the M1 Garand?
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The MG 34 is an air-cooled machine gun.
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The M1911 pistol is chambered for which cartridge?
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The Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk 2 rifle was produced mostly for which country?
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"Ma Deuce" is nickname for which kind of weapon?
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What was a defining trait of the M1 Garand rifle?
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British S.T. grenades had what special feature?
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Which grenade was the standard model for the Japanese army?
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How many rounds were there in a standard clip for the MP 40 machine gun?
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How many different versions of the Thompson machine gun were adopted for use by the U.S. military?
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Which country deployed Gato-class submarines?
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Allied forces used the PIAT for what purpose?
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Which type of British weapon was nicknamed Lifebuoy?
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The Breda Mod. 42 was intended for what purpose?
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The Mk II was a type of concussion grenade.
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What was special about the De Lisle carbine?
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Which company was known for making a weapon nicknamed the Gangster gun?
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U.S. Gen. George S. Patton called one weapon the greatest implement of battle ever devised. To which weapon was he referring?
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What sort of weapon was the Enfield No. 2?
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In 1935, the German military adopted a standard service rifle. Which rifle was it?
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Which country was most likely to deploy Type 99 mines?
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One weapon made by the U.S. was called the M6. What sort of weapon was it?
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The StG 44 rifle had a huge impact on the war's outcome.
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Which country produced the weapon called Suomi KP/-31?
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Skilled German snipers could use Karabiner 98k rifles to hit targets at what maximum range?
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What sort of weapon was the Japanese Nambu Type 100?
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British Sten guns were largely considered successful weapons.
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PPS submachine guns were commonly used by which country?
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Which German weapon was introduced as an emergency design near the end of the conflict?
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What was a major problem with the USSR's RGD-33 grenade?
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