Quiz: Weapons of World War I
Weapons of World War I
By: Nathan Chandler
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The Great War pitted old-school battlefield tactics with modern killing machines, to terrifying effect. How much do you know about World War I weapons?

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How many tanks did Britain produce during World War I?
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In what year did a pilot finally land a plane on an aircraft carrier?
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What weapon utilized open-bolt blowback as part of its operation?
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Which weapon did the Germans fail to use effectively in World War I?
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Which country became known for its widespread use of submarines during the war?
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After you pulled the pin, about how long did you have before a World War I-era hand grenade exploded?
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What was the maximum range of the German 10.5 cm Feldhaubitze 98/09 artillery gun?
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About how many A7V tanks did Germany deploy during the war?
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The use of poison gas resulted in significant strategic advances during the war.
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Which country extensively used flamethrowers during the war?
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How many aircraft did France have at the beginning of the war?
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Where did Britain obtain many of its horses that were sent to the front lines of the war?
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What was the maximum firing rate of World War I-era machine guns?
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World War I is known as the conflict that introduced unmanned aerial bombs into widespread battlefield use.
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What was a defining characteristic of the British Medium Mark A Whippet tank?
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During the Battle of Bolimow, the Germans used thousands of poison gas shells. Why were the shells ineffective?
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What was the approximate top speed of Britain's "Little Wille" tank?
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How did the Allies detect incoming enemy warplanes during the early phases of the war?
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Tracer bullets were first introduced during World War I.
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A creeping barrage relied heavily on which weapon?
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The creeping barrage strategy was first used during which battle?
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After World War I, the use of poison gas in battle was outlawed by international law.
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In what year were aircraft pilots finally able to establish voice communications with people on the ground?
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Which country suffered from an artillery shell shortage in 1915?
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How many Renault FT tanks were made by French manufacturers during the war?
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Which country used many Lebel and Berthier 8mm rifles during the war?
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Depth charges were a type of weapon meant to thwart which threat?
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What sort of weapon was the Langer Max?
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Which country developed the M1916 37mm gun?
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