Quiz: Do We Know Which Generation You Belong to Based on Your Style Choices?
Do We Know Which Generation You Belong to Based on Your Style Choices?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Some fashion trends live forever, like sneakers and denim jeans. People love a classic look, and every generation agrees on various fashion trends. A simple string of white pearls, a little black dress, or rough and tough canvas pants: all of these items, and more, bring entire generations together as they agree that these are truly great pieces of fashion. 

However, some fashion trends are doomed to die. Magazines are not featuring the giant hair of the '80s anymore. No one would dare to bring back the mullet. Heavy Victorian bustled skirts are only worn at costume parties and masquerade balls, and they are usually ditched halfway through the night. These fashion trends are truly horrible, in comfort and in style. Luckily, fashion trends are always cycling around, and usually, only the decently cool trends are picked back up from the past.

Your taste in fashion, especially about blasts of trends from the past, has a lot to do with the generation you belong to. What you grew up seeing celebrities and cool kids wearing massively affects your fashion taste. Thankfully, your sense of style has never been better, so take our quiz to see if we can guess when you grew up!

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