Quiz: We Can Guess What High School Stereotype You Were Based on These Questions
We Can Guess What High School Stereotype You Were Based on These Questions
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Bryan Ledgard

About This Quiz

Everyone was in a clique or part of a stereotype in high school, whether they wanted to or not and whether they knew it or not. Yours may or may not have been accurate (in your mind), but it still existed. Today, we want to bring you back to high school, by guessing just which one you were a member of. 

So, we're going to ask you a few questions. Some of them may not seem like they'll help us in our quest to guess your stereotype, but we're asking you to trust the process. We're going to ask you about high school, about your personality and what you've been up to lately. Then, we'll use your answers to guess which group you fit into back in the day.

Were you a jock? Were you unnecessarily mean to those who were weaker than you? Were you a nerd? Did you take pride in getting all A's in school? Were you goth? Did you wear all black, all day, every day? Or were you the class clown? Did you find pleasure in making everyone else laugh?

It's time for us to find out which stereotype you were back then. So let's stop talking and get started on this quiz!

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Were you very athletic?

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Did your parents give you a lunch box or money?

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What was your favorite class?

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Which of these were you most likely to wear on a Monday?

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What about a girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Which of these clubs/teams would you have been on?

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What did you do on the weekends?

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Which of these movies about high school did you like the most?

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Which of these genres of music was your favorite?

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Which GPA did you graduate with?

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If you could've used one word to describe yourself back then, which would it be?

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If you could choose one high school profession, which would it be?

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Would you go back to high school if you got a chance to redo it?

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Did you repeat many of the same patterns in college as you did in high school?

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What are you like now?

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In which of these fields do you work?

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Are you happy with your salary?

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What's your current relationship status?

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How many of your friends from high school are still your friends today?

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Are you happy with how your life turned out?

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