Quiz: Can You Pass this General Knowledge Quiz?
Can You Pass this General Knowledge Quiz?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Do you know how much you really know? There are certain facts and figures that everyone takes for granted, but how accurate are they? Even more often, things get lost or left unexplained all the time because people just assume everyone knows them. This can lead to mistranslations, miscommunications and a lot of things just slipping right through the cracks. Sometimes, people don't even know what they don't know. 

General knowledge is the basics that get taken for granted by most people. No one thinks they have to teach them or pay particular attention to them.  From math to science to literature to even art and pop culture, there is a lot that everyone just assumes to be correct, whether it is or not. People do not question these supposed truths, but some of them are far trickier than meets the eye at first. Some things have been repeated for years and even for generations, contributing to confusion rather than illumination. Do you have what it takes to walk the winding road between fiction and fact and come out on top? 

If you think you are general knowledge savvy, tease your brain and put it to the test with this colossally huge general knowledge quiz! 

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Which amendment protects free speech in America?
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Is there such a thing as cat breeds?
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Which composer wrote "Ode To Joy"?
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Does the actor Nicolas Cage have an Oscar?
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Where is the city of Paris?
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Who wrote "The Catcher in the Rye?"
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Which King of Israel was known for his wisdom?
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What structure did the ancient Egyptians famously build?
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What don't vegans eat?
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Who is the main prophet of Islam?
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Is Canada rich in oil?
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How is the Scottish city of Edinburgh pronounced?
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y=mx+b is the equation used to find:
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Which author is credited with inventing many of the common words of the English language?
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Did Jesus write the entire New Testament himself?
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During which process is a woman most likely to conceive a child?
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What is soccer called outside America?
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Statistically, is it safer to be in a car or an airplane?
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What is the rarest natural hair color?
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Which of these myths did Monty Python spoof in a famous film?
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What is the state of Florida?
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What is the longest-running sitcom of all time?
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Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery?
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Where did the US drop the atom bomb during World War Two?
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On which continent is much of the Middle East?
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What does PEMDAS pertain to?
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What money do they use in the UK?
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Which breed of dog is bigger?
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Where is Montevideo?
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Who introduced macaroni and cheese to America?
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