We Can Guess Your Hogwarts House Based on Your Favorite '90s Cartoons!

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With the increase in the number of broadcast channels on cable, the amount of cartoons expanded significantly in the '90s. Due to the massive variety of programs that were now available, there was pretty much a show for every taste. We'll use that variety to narrow in on the Hogwarts house that you truly belong in.

Did you feel drawn to shows where everyone got along and the drama was kept to an absolute minimum? While this combination might be unbearably dull to some, those who are meant for the Hufflepuff house are sure to love this kind of cartoon. They'd also be drawn to characters who work hard and are extremely patient.

Maybe you'd rather participate in a show that was a bit more intellectually stimulating. If you're drawn to the wise old man or woman characters, and you need your programming to be educational and a bit challenging, it seems clear that you are a Ravenclaw through and through.

Perhaps you have a need for the villain to be brilliant for you to truly engage with a story. If you're interested in strong leaders and those that accomplish great things, you might just be meant for Slytherin.

This is a stress-free Sorting Hat ceremony. It's as easy as waking up on a Saturday morning and watching cartoons in your pajamas. Enjoy.

Which network were you watching most of your shows on?

Did you like "Doug"?

Who was your favorite character from "Animaniacs"?

Were you more into "Pinky and the Brain" or "Ren and Stimpy"?

Which best describes your ideal cartoon hero or heroine?

Which genre is most your style?

Which superhero do you like the most?

Which of "The Simpsons" family members is most like you?

Did you watch "Rugrats" a lot?

Which theme song sticks in your head the most?

Of the inventions that came out of "Dexter's Laboratory", which did you like the most?

Which "Tiny Toon Adventures" character is most like you?

Which '90s cartoon show had the characters Huey, Dewey and Louie?

What do you think of "South Park"?

Which one of the "Powerpuff Girls" characters are you?

What do you think about Arnold from the show "Hey Arnold!"?

Were you mad that "Family Guy" ripped off so much content from "The Simpsons"?

Do you prefer shows that have a wise old man or wise old woman character in them?

Did you like shows that had witty, adult humor in them, even if you didn't quite get the joke yet?

Did you prefer stories that were intense or more lighthearted?

Did you watch your '90s cartoons accompanied by any stuffed animals?

Is it important to you that the show has a strong villain?

Did you like "Beavis and Butt-head"?

Which show got its name from the shortening of "Pocket Monsters"?

Did you watch "SpongeBob SquarePants" from the beginning?

Which character on "King of the Hill" did you relate to the most?

Did "Space Goast Coast to Coast" make you laugh?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Do you still like "Futurama"?

Which member of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" are you?

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