We Can Guess Which Decade of Life You're In With This Junk Food Test

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No matter when you were born, you've likely enjoyed your fair share of junk food in your life.  It's a rite of passage for any kid to spend the little money they can scrounge down at the corner store on just the worst food imaginable.  Back in the day that was penny candies and Moon Pies and other antiquities of junk food's bygone era.   Today it may be Doritos and Skittles and about 15 different kinds of M&Ms.  Your grandkids are absolutely going to be eating sugar-coated Mars rocks, just wait and see. 

Because junk food is such an ever-changing thing, you can figure out some things about a person based on their junk food proclivities.  After all, if someone tells you they used to take Cragmont soda and animal crackers in their school lunch, you can have a good idea they haven't been to school in the last decade because who ever heard of Cragmont soda? Did we just make that up?  Ask your parents. 

So here's the deal, you answer some questions for us about your junk food preferences, and we'll tell you what decade of life you're currently enjoying.  It's just that simple.  Junk food - it's the key to knowing your fellow humans!

Do you know what flavor Punkys candies came in?

What was your opinion of 7-Up Gold?

What was the best kind of 3D Doritos?

Cracker Jack, Crunch N' Munch or Fiddle Faddle?

What's the best flavor of Popcorners?

What do you like more; Flamin' Hot Cheetos or Takis?

What's the best kind of Coca-Cola ever made?

What was your opinion of Crystal Pepsi?

How many kinds of M&Ms can you name?

Did you ever take Fruit by the Foot in your school lunch?

What was the best flavor of Dunkaroos to eat?

Do you know who Grimace, Birdie and the Fry Guys are?

Life Savers have been a candy staple forever, but did you try Life Savers Holes?

What's the best kind of Oreo?

You can have any kind of Doritos you want. What will you have?

What did you think when Heinz introduced purple ketchup?

What was the best flavor of Kool-Aid ever conceived of in mankind's history?

If you could bring back any kind of chocolate bar, what would it be?

What's the greatest Pringles flavor of all time?

If you were going to eat some peanuts, how would you eat them?

If you could only ever have one kind of cookie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If it's early in the morning, maybe you want a Pop Tart for breakfast. What's the best kind?

Which of these candy bars is clearly the best of the bunch?

What was your favorite kind of gum when you were a kid?

What is your favorite sugar-laden treat from Little Debbie?

Everyone knows Hostess Twinkies, but what other Hostess brand sounds good?

The Keebler elves know how to make some tasty snacks. What's the best thing they ever made?

Cereal isn't just for breakfast. What kind of cereal was your favorite for snacking as a kid?

If you're looking for a junk food fast food meal, where are you going to go?

What's your overall favorite kind of junk food snack?

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