Quiz: Tell Us Your Sitcom Preferences And We'll Guess What Year You Graduated High School
Tell Us Your Sitcom Preferences And We'll Guess What Year You Graduated High School
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

High school - the time of self-discovery, experimentation, and trying to get good grades. Graduating from this institution is not only a time for family celebration, but it also symbolizes new beginnings, whether you went off to college, started your first job, or decided to travel around the world. Whether it was 3, 11, 25 or 48 years ago, most of us walked across a stage to receive that well-deserved diploma.

Did you pay attention to what was playing on television when you went to school, or were you too busy making friends to care? Did you graduate around the time when "Green Acres" and "I Love Lucy" were on air, or around the time when Barney proposed to Robin on "How I Met Your Mother?" Or maybe it was around the time when "Mork & Mindy," "Happy Days," and "Lavern & Shirley" did a crossover episode?

Can this quiz correctly identify the year in which you received your high school diploma, or is it nowhere near the time you wore your graduation gown? There is only one way to find out how close it got to getting it right, and that is by answering the questions in this cool quiz!

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