Quiz: Was it the Civil War or World War I?
Was it the Civil War or World War I?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki commons

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One was a battle between the states. The other was a war that consumed the world. Both turned out to be bloody, messy affairs. Do you know the difference between World War I and the American Civil War?

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A famous general named Stonewall Jackson served during which war?
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Abraham Lincoln was the American president during which conflict?
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Which war was known for its widespread trench warfare?
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The bloody Battle of the Somme occurred during which war?
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Which war started as a result of an assassination?
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Which war featured the assassination of a U.S. president?
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Which war ended with the Treaty of Versailles?
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Which war ended and sparked an era officially called "Reconstruction"?
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Which war saw the widespread use of aircraft as tools of reconnaissance?
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Which war featured the massive Battle of Gettysburg?
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Which war is also known as "The Great War"?
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Which conflict saw the first primitive examples of grenades?
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The nine-month-long Battle of Verdun took place during which war?
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State's rights were a major issue that led to which war?
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Gen. Robert E. Lee served during which massive war?
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Which war started with an attack on Fort Sumter?
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The First Battle of Bull Run was the first major battle of which war?
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Which war is often called "The War Between the States"?
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The first machine guns were deployed during which conflict?
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Which war ended after the deaths of about 620,000 (combined) troops?
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John J. Pershing was a famous general who provided leadership during which conflict?
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Which war featured mustard gas as a much-feared weapon?
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Altogether, about three million men fought in this war. Which war was it?
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The phrase "equal protection under the law" was a major outcome following which war?
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Which war featured a famous battle between "ironclads"?
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Which war featured the biggest battles?
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Which war led to the miracles of plastic surgery?
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In which war did soldiers "go over the top"?
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Blood banks were developed during which war?
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Which war is sometimes called "The Chemist's War"?
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