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The Allies and the Axis were the two forces that collided in the biggest war in world history -- World War II. Read our following facts and then make a choice: was it the Allies or the Axis?

Was it the Allies or the Axis that featured Adolf Hitler as a primary leader?

It was the Axis, of course, in which Hitler played a starring role. Hitler's megalomania and rampant drug use turned him into a monster for the ages.


Which side invaded Poland at the beginning of the war?

On September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland. This act of aggression immediately struck fear into the hearts of Europeans everywhere and quickly escalated conflict in the region.


Winston Churchill was a major figure on which side?

Churchill was the prime minister of Britain during the war. He became a legendary figure for his stout-hearted resolve to defend the homeland at any cost. He was a brilliant politician and also produced some of the most quotable speeches in history.


Was it the Allies or the Axis that launched a famous surprise attack on December 7, 1941?

It's a date that will forever live in infamy -- the day that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, killing more than 2,400 Americans. The attack caused the United States to join the war.


Which side established an air force called the Luftwaffe?

Hitler was sold on the potential of air power long before he invaded Poland. He invested heavily in the Luftwaffe, and his winged weapons became one of the most feared forces of the Axis.


A man named Hirohito was an important leader on which side?

Emperor Hirohito was a vital leader for the Japanese during their attacks against the Allies. Some historians say his position was largely symbolic; others argue that he contributed heavily to some of Japan's biggest wartime decisions.


Which side was responsible for building and operating a network of concentration camps?

The German Third Reich set out to exterminate millions of people using concentration camps ... and sadly, they were wildly successful. The atrocities were known as the Holocaust.


The Red Army ultimately sided with which group?

At the war's outset, the Red Army of the Soviet Union actually helped the Nazis with their European conquests. But when Hitler turned on the Soviets, they flipped and became an important part of the Allied forces.


Which side did Italy fight with during the war?

Thanks to the iron fist of fascist leader Benito Mussolini, Italy was inclined to fight with the Axis. In the end, karma caught up to Mussolini. He was killed at the hands of the Allies as the war ended.


Which side lost four of its critical carriers during the Battle of Midway?

Japan sent a huge fleet to attack the Americans at Midway, a tiny atoll in the Pacific. But the Americans were ready. They struck with ferocity and sank four Japanese carriers, a blow that echoed for the rest of the war.


Which side deployed the war's first jet fighters?

Germany unleashed the war's first jet fighters, like the Messerschmitt Me 262, which had its first flight in 1942. But by the time the Nazi jets were fully developed, Germany's cause was a lost one.


Who started "D-Day," the invasion of Normandy?

In June of 1944, the Allies launched their D-Day attacks in hopes of gaining a foothold on the European continent. The bold plan worked and the Allies slowly but surely pushed the Nazis back to their homeland.


Which side won the epic Battle of Britain, a massive air battle?

From July until October 1941, Hitler sent unending waves of warplanes in an attempt to pound Britain into submission. The Brits put up a terrific fight and kept the Nazi hordes at bay, decimating the Luftwaffe in the process.


Who won the Battle of Kursk, which was probably the biggest tank battle in human history?

At the Battle of Kursk, the Soviets deployed around 5,100 tanks, and the Germans 3,000. By the time the dust settled, the Soviets had scored a decisive victory over the hated Nazis.


Which side deployed fearsome Panzer tanks during the war?

Germany built a range of powerful tanks, including Panzers, for the war's huge battles. They often deployed tanks in "blitzkrieg" (lightning) strikes that quickly overran enemy lines.


Which side won the brutal Battle of Bataan?

The Japanese beat the Americans at the Battle of Bataan in 1942. And they showed no mercy to the losers. They sent American prisoners on a long death march, in which countless men died in the worst imaginable ways.


Which side deployed thousands of vehicles known as U-boats?

German's U-boats (submarines) prowled oceans all over the world during World War II. U-boats even sank ships right off of the East Coast of the United States, bringing the terror of the war right to America's shores.


During the war, Australia sided with which side?

Australia was (and is) a strong ally of Britain and America. The Aussies contributed heavily to the fight against the Axis.


In 1940, who won the Battle of France?

In May of 1940, Germany steamrolled across Europe and into France with astonishing speed. Then they captured Paris, and France spent much of the war under Nazi occupation.


With which side did China fight during World War II?

Japan attacked China and massacred millions of civilians. The Chinese were very much with the Allies, contributing men and guns to beat back Japan and its imperialistic aspirations.


Which side heavily targeted Jews during the war?

The Nazis were committed to eradicating Jews, whom they considered to be subhuman. The Axis killed more than six million Jews and other "undesirables" during the war.


Who won the gargantuan fight called the Battle of Stalingrad?

Hitler was determined to capture Stalingrad, in part because he wanted to humiliate Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Stalin was equally motivated not to let the city fall into German hands. The Soviets finally won, but it was one of the bloodiest battles in history, with more than 1.6 million casualties.


Was it the Allies or the Axis that devised the first atomic bomb?

The Allies, fearful of Germany's intent to build an atomic bomb, started the Manhattan Project in hopes of beating the Nazis to the punch. In 1945, they succeeded. They tested the first atomic bomb (called Trinity) in New Mexico in 1945.


Which side came up with the idea of the "Final Solution"?

The Nazis were responsible for the "Final Solution," which was their commitment to exterminating the Jews during the war. That they formalized such a plan goes to show that the Nazis were truly evil.


Which side often deployed suicide pilot attacks?

Japanese pilots called kamikazes ("divine wind") steered their planes directly into American ships. American sailors were terrified of kamikaze attacks, which were both terrifying and effective.


Which side launched a major attack called Operation Barbarossa?

Hitler, frustrated by his inability to take Britain, unwisely decided to open up the Eastern Front by attacking the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa pushed far into Soviet territory, and millions upon millions of people died.


Which side suffered more than 16 million military personnel killed during the war?

The Allies incurred more than 16 million military deaths in their attempt to thwart the Axis. More appalling is the fact that at least 45 million civilians in Allied countries also died.


Sweden fought with which side during the conflict?

Like Switzerland and Spain, Sweden remained officially neutral during the war. But thousands of Swedish soldiers did volunteer with the Finnish army, determined to fight the Nazis to the bitter end.


Which side initiated the fight that became known as the Battle of the Bulge?

In late 1944, the Germans were getting desperate, and they launched a full-scale surprise attack that pushed back Allied lines, creating a "bulge" in the lines. American troops finally halted the Nazis, but there was immense suffering on both sides.


Which side was victorious in World War II?

Well, you're not saluting a Japanese flag or saying "Sieg heil" all day long ... so you know how this all played out. The Allies triumphed!


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