Quiz: Was It Eisenhower, Patton, or MacArthur?
Was It Eisenhower, Patton, or MacArthur?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

World War II was filled with iconic political and military heroes across the globe. Three American heroes — Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur and George Patton — were particularly vital to the Allied war effort. In this WWII quiz, do you think you can match the facts to the correct men?

Do you know the man who issued these resounding words: “The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you”? That was a statement from commander Eisenhower just before Allied troops stormed ashore during D-Day in hopes of liberating France from the Nazis. Thanks in part to his bold words, they did just that.

But Eisenhower wasn’t the only guy giving speeches in the war. MacArthur and Patton had their share of powerful words, too. Do you think you know which man said what during the conflict?

WWII spanned the globe, sparking deadly battles from China to Japan to Russia and back again. Do you know which of America's leaders led the charge in the various theaters of war?

By the end of the war, everyone from Rommel to Hirohito knew the names of these famous fighters. Take our generals quiz now and see if you know America's top dogs from the Second World War!

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Which of these WWII heroes later served as U.S. president?
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Who was nicknamed "Old Blood and Guts"?
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Which man was famous for chomping on his corncob pipe?
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Who was the Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe during WWII?
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Which man never saw active combat?
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Which man slapped two shell-shocked soldiers during WWII?
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Which man rode to the rescue of American troops stranded at the Battle of the Bulge?
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He had command of large groups of American troops in the Pacific Theater. Who was he?
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Which man famously said, "I shall return"?
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Which man was a major leader in Operation Overlord?
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Before his army invaded France, which man gave a series of profane speeches meant to motivate his troops?
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Which man was lionized by a major Hollywood film in 1970?
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Which man served as an invaluable decoy during the war?
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Which man was removed from command during the Korean War?
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Which man became very friendly with Georgy Zhukov, a top Russian commander?
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Who demanded that all evidence of the Holocaust be thoroughly documented with films and photographs?
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Who said, "Whenever you slow anything down, you waste human lives"?
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Which man was, shall we say, not a very good student?
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Which man was featured in a famous photograph in which he waded through the ocean?
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Who had personal control over the land battles that raged through Europe in WWII?
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He was the commander of the Third Army during the war. Who was he?
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Who was instrumental in planning for Operation Downfall?
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Which man was distraught that he did NOT get to serve overseas during the First World War?
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Which man won the Medal of Honor in 1942, long before the war was over?
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Which man famously believed in reincarnation and said he was sure he’d fought many battles in previous lives?
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Which man was essentially the top leader of Japan after the war?
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Which man had excellent relationships with Winston Churchill and Bernard Montgomery during the war?
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Which man died from injuries sustained in a car accident that happened shortly after the war ended?
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Which man earned a pilot’s license so he could fly over his troop formations and learn how to improve them?
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Long before WWII, which man competed in the 1912 Olympics?
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