Quiz: Was It Boeing or Airbus?
Was It Boeing or Airbus?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: WikiCommons by Tech. Sgt. Mike Buytas

About This Quiz

Get ready to take to the skies!

There are quite a lot of things that are commonplace today that would seem truly outlandish to people who lived hundreds of years ago. Packing hundreds of irritable and exasperated people into a humongous metal machine and flying them across the Atlantic Ocean is one such thing. While humans can run and they can learn to swim, flight is one thing that we just aren't capable of doing naturally. However, thanks to aircraft of all shapes and sizes, for a couple hundred dollars anyone can get into a seat next to a crying baby and soar through the sky for hours. It's truly magical!

Sarcastic jokes aside, aircraft are truly important for several day-to-day happenings in modern society. From hauling cargo and people from one country to another, to saving lives in emergency situations and fighting in military conflicts, aircraft are a central part of the modern world. In this quiz, we've taken two of the most prolific manufactures of aircraft - Boeing and Airbus - to see if you have what it takes to correctly match them to some of their most interesting and notable aircraft! So are you ready to reach for the stars (and correct answers)? Then let's get started!

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