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This should be easy — a quiz about the war between, um, the Americans and the — uh — hmm. What exactly happened in the War of 1812? Oh, say you can see in this War of 1812 quiz.

Who did the U.S. declare war with in the War of 1812?

It only took about 30 years for the United States to grow annoyed with England once more.

What was Britain doing that ticked the U.S. off?

Britain was restricting trade from America to the European continent.

The British were also doing what to American seamen?

The Royal Navy would actually take American merchant seamen and force them into service. Which doesn't seem like a very sustainable policy.

One incident that precipitated the eventual conflict involved the USS Chesapeake. What happened?

The British were getting tough on deserters.

Who was the commander of the British HMS Leopard, which took over the Chesapeake?

Yes: This question is included just because it's a great name.

James Barron was commander of the Chesapeake. Why was he court-martialed for the actions that took place with the Leopard?

The Americans were not pleased that Barron gave up his ship so easily.

Barron got his revenge how?

Stephen Decatur ordered Barron suspended for five years, then took over the Chesapeake from him. Barron later killed him in a duel.

What is one nickname given to the War of 1812?

The Americans did feel that their honor was being besmirched after the Chesapeake affair and felt the need to reassert their independence.

What were the Orders In Council that impacted American trade?

The Americans were not pleased.

The Orders in Council were repealed, but the U.S. still declared war. What was one reason why?

Oops — maritime travel meant that the U.S. President declared war on Britain almost 50 days before he learned that the thing they were fighting over was pretty much over.

How did the Napoleonic Wars contribute to the War of 1812?

France said ships that visited Britain were enemy ships, and Britain said that all ships had to visit them to trade. A pickle for the Americans.

What other extremely significant conflict played a role in the War of 1812?

America was encroaching on Native American land.

Why did Native Americans in the Northwest Territory join the British Canadian militias?

The Americans clearly weren't going to stop expansion, so aligning with the British seemed like their only bet.

When did the War of 1812 begin?

Trick question! But worth remembering.

What primary British figure was assassinated right before the War of 1812?

When Prime Minister Spencer Peceval was killed, a more moderate government took its place.

Why would war still probably have been declared even if America had gotten word that the Orders in Council were repealed?

Even though that moderate government cancelled the Orders in Council, keep in mind that American complaints still weren't entirely addressed.

Why might Britain have been a wee bit distracted and not given too much thought to the War of 1812?

The Napoleonic Wars were taking most of the British time and energy.

What great Native American leader fought alongside the British in the War of 1812?

Tecumseh helped defend Canada from an American invasion.

Tecumseh was part of what native tribe?

Tecumseh's people were native to the Ohio River Valley.

Who was NOT a U.S. general in the War of 1812?

Lee was only five, so he probably wouldn't have been much help.

What monument of American government was burned by the British in 1814?

Although then it was the "Presidential Mansion," it was still a pretty big deal.

What saved the city from more British ransacking?

A hurricane-like storm caused severe damage and sent the British back to their ships.

Who was the President during the War of 1812?

Some referred to it as "Mr. Madison's War."

What political party in New England strongly opposed the War of 1812?

The New England Federalists weren't happy with Mr. Madison's war and its implications on commerce.

The Treaty of Ghent basically established what?

The status quo antebellum was established — essentially, everything went back to pre-war borders and agreements.

The treaty was signed on Christmas Eve, 1814. When did Andrew Jackson win the Battle of New Orleans?

Once again due to travel times, nobody in the United States would hear that a treaty had been signed on the Continent until a couple months later.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" was composed when Francis Scott Key was watching what?

The stars and stripes waved proudly, still.

One group that suffered heavy losses in the War of 1812 were:

Any allies the Native American tribes had reneged on promises in order to achieve British and American peace.

The Battle of New Orleans inspired such patriotism that it resulted in what?

The anti-war Federalists were out of vogue when such a rousing victory took place.

The British remember the War of 1812:

Eclipsed by the Napoleonic Wars and drawn out conflicts with France, the War of 1812 doesn't get much attention — or memory — in British minds.

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