Quiz: Walk in my shoes: The Freaky Friday quiz
Walk in my shoes: The Freaky Friday quiz
By: Bambi Turner
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

They say you never really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes -- but what if you could spend a day inside their body? The 2003 flick, "Freaky Friday," allows a busy mom to do just that with her teenage daughter, giving them both a much-needed new perspective and bringing them closer together. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic Disney film!

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Who plays teenager Anna Coleman in the film?
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What is the name of Anna's annoying younger brother?
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True or false: Stacey Hinkhouse just wants to be friends with Anna.
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Who is Anna's crush in the movie?
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What is Tess' job in the movie?
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What instrument does Anna play?
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What is the name of Anna's band?
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Who keeps giving Anna bad grades at school?
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What is the name of Tess' fiance?
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What event are Anna and her friends hoping to win a spot in?
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What kind of restaurant does the family attend the night before the rehearsal dinner?
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What happens when Anna and Tess read the fortunes in their cookies?
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How long are Anna and Tess displaced in one another's bodies?
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Where are Tess and Anna when they first realize that they have switched places?
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Who does Harry write a school essay about?
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What does Stacey do to get Anna in big trouble while Tess is occupying Anna's body?
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How does Jake finally win Tess' approval?
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Which of these is Anna forced to do while in Tess' body?
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Who finally tells Anna and her friends they can go to their audition?
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What act finally proves selfless love and allows Anna and Tess to switch back?
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Who nearly switches bodies at the end of the film?
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What permanent change did Anna make while she was in Tess' body?
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True or false: Anna's band wins a spot at Wango Tango.
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Ok, what the heck does senescence mean anyway?
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True or false: The 2003 version was the third movie Disney made based on the book "Freaky Friday."
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Who played the daughter in the 1976 version of the film?
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What was the name of the daughter in the 1972 book, "Freaky Friday"?
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True or false: Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan played guitar in the 2003 film.
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Which celebrity offspring almost played Anna's bandmate, Maddie, in the film?
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Which young actress turned down the role of Anna in the film?
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