Quiz: Vampire, Wolf or Witch: Which Are You?
Vampire, Wolf or Witch: Which Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Mythological monsters represent the horrors we worry might be growing deep down in our souls. Who hasn't worried that their rage could manifest in an uncontrolled manner, like a human transforming into a werewolf? Who hasn't felt that a so-called friend acts in a way reminiscent of a vampire, sucking the life, the joy, even the money from those closest to them? Who hasn't darkly fantasized about becoming a witch or warlock, with the power to strip others of their free will, making them do as you want, regardless of the moral consequences?

On October 31, much of the world turns its view to fears, to the corruption we dare not confront within ourselves. All Hallows Eve is a night when we reflect on death and all that fear of death causes, as the plant life in the Northern Hemisphere dies off in preparation for winter. It's no mistake our imaginations turn to the monsters of our nightmares and fears around how they could consume us, either from without or from within.

Look deep into yourself. How do your virtues and vices play out? What are you most afraid of? Do you worry about the demon outside your window? Because that demon is exactly what lurks within you. Take this quiz to find out what monster lurks within!

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