Quiz: The Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner Quiz
The Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Home vacuum cleaners have been in use since the mid 1800s, when they were powered by hand-operated bellows. Modern vacuums are efficient dust and dirt cleaners. Knowing how vacuums work can help you keep a cleaner home and make a good decision when purchasing a new vacuum. Take this quiz to see how sweeping your vacuum knowledge is.

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How does a fresh vacuum cleaner bag increase the vacuum's cleaning capability?
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What size vacuum attachment is the most efficient?
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Before electric vacuums were introduced, how were vacuums powered?
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When was the electric vacuum cleaner first offered for sale?
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Where does a centralized home vacuum system house the motor?
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The dirt canister of a central vacuum home system should be emptied how often?
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Which is the best vacuum for heavy-duty cleaning?
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The steam-cleaner vacuum is what type of vacuum?
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The "cyclone vacuum" is known for having no bag or filter. Who is the inventor of the Cyclone?
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When dirt is caught in the centrifugal force of a cyclone style vacuum, in what direction does the dirt move?
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The newest vacuum innovation is the _____________ system.
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What is an advantage of the cyclone system of vacuuming?
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How do robotic systems know where to go?
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The most popular type of vacuum is the __________________model.
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What type of bag does a wet/dry vacuum use to operate efficiently?
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Does the power of the vacuum's fan make any difference to the vacuum's performance?
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What is the purpose of the roller found under some vacuum intake ports?
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When should you change the vacuum filter bag of most vacuums?
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