Quiz: Should you Bring your In-Laws on Vacation?

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Are you trying to decide whether to invite your in-laws along for a vacation? Take our quiz to learn whether you should bring your in-laws on vacation.

What should the main goal of a vacation be?

Always remember the main goal of a vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.


Some people have such a great relationship with their in-laws that they think of them as which of these?

Not everyone bickers with their in-laws. With a little patience and understanding you might be able to eventually think of your in-laws as a second set of parents.


When will you probably have to spend time with your in-laws?

You're not going to be able to avoid your in-laws forever. Like it or not, holidays are a time for family.


Why might bringing in-laws along for a vacation be helpful to couples with children?

Grandparents love to spend time with their grandkids, which makes your in-laws ideal babysitters.


What is the financial upside to having your in-laws come on vacation with you?

Parents love to spoil their kids, even when their kids are adults. Many in-laws are happy to pay for a family vacation, just to enjoy the time with their children and grandchildren.


How can inviting your in-laws help your marriage?

Your in-laws are part of your family and are probably very dear to your spouse. By showing them love and respect, you can greatly improve your relationship with your spouse.


One of the best ways to avoid disputes over finances is to do which of these?

Financial disputes can be avoided with proper planning. Determine ahead of time who will cover which expenses, making your vacation a lot more pleasant.


A common point of contention when vacationing together with in-laws is which of these issues?

Your in-laws and you are from different generations, and will likely enjoy different activities. Make sure both you and they have a chance to enjoy the vacation so everyone will be happy.


Which of these is essential to ensuring you and your spouse enjoy the privacy you need?

Do not share bedrooms under any circumstances. Privacy and personal space are essential to preventing conflict.


If you do find yourself lacking the privacy you need, you should try which of these?

When you do find yourself stuck with less privacy than you need, try putting on a set of headphones and listening to some music. It's a great way to establish a private space, even with others around.


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