Quiz: The Ultimate Unusual Auto Race Quiz
The Ultimate Unusual Auto Race Quiz
By: Staff
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Let's face it: Ordinary auto races get boring somewhere around the 20th lap. But some races are so quirky, so eccentric, so…unusual that they never get boring. Here's a quiz about several very odd races that offer not only thrills but genuine surprises.

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The Red Bull Soapbox Derby isn't an auto race in the conventional sense. That's because all the vehicles in the race have one thing in common. What is it?
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What form of "fuel" propels the vehicles in the Red Bull Soapbox Derby?
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What shape are the vehicles at the Red Bull Soapbox Derby?
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What year was the original Soapbox Derby first run?
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The television show "Carpocalypse" ran on what network?
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What does Mille Miglia mean in Italian?
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In what famous California valley is the California Mille held?
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How long does the California Mille run?
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On the California Mille, you get to stop off at wineries and fancy hotels on the way to the finish line. Where do you get to stop on the California Melee?
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How long does the California Melee run?
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To be allowed into a 24 Hours of LeMons race, how much can you spend on your car, including modifications?
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Between which two years was the Cannonball run held?
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What two American cities marked the beginning and end of the Cannonball Run?
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What current race has inherited the outlaw racing mantle of the Cannonball Run?
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