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As the South seceded, the North formed forces to prevent the country from being ripped apart. How much do you know about the Union Army?

About how many served in the Union Army during the course of the war?

Some enlisted but many were drafted.


At the onset of the war, how many men were there in the U.S. Army?

A good chunk of those soldiers fled South to fight for the Confederacy.


How many Union men were killed in combat?

No other U.S. war comes close to the carnage of the Civil War.


What was the mortality rate for Union soldiers who were taken prisoner?

Disease and poor nutrition meant that captured soldiers often died in POW camps.


What was the population of the Union-held areas at the beginning of the war?

The South, by comparison, only had 5.5 million, leading to a disparity in economic and military power.


At the beginning of the war, what happened to most of the Army's cavalry groups?

The Union was stranded without much of a cavalry, forcing leadership to form many new units.


Ulysses S. Grant commanded which army?

This army was one of the most significant, working areas such as Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia.


In what year did the Union Army reach its peak strength in terms of numbers?

At this point, it had twice the number of soldiers as the Confederacy.


Blacks made up about what percentage of Union forces?

Roughly 1 in 10 soldiers had an African-American ancestry; Germans also made up about 10% of the forces.


The relative success of each of the Union's armies was directly attributed to what?

The best generals clearly won far more battles, whereas lesser leaders were far less successful.


How many Union soldiers died from disease?

Sickness killed more than twice as many men as combat.


What was the minimum pay for a white Union soldier during the war?

Black soldiers started out making only $10 per month, which they vigorously protested.


How many generals served with the Union Army during the war?

Generals had an appalling casualty rate due in part to their willingness to lead men into the thick of battle.


If a man was drafted and didn't want to serve, how could he avoid service?

Men of means often paid poorer men to serve in their places, thereby avoiding the war's awfulness.


At the beginning of the war, what was the primary objective of the Army?

As the war dragged on, the Union realized it had to destroy the southern army before the war would end.


In total, about how many Union soldiers died during the span of the war?

And almost all of the men in the Union army were volunteers.


Who was the first Union secretary of war?

He resigned in 1862 under a cloud of accusations regarding incompetence and corruption.


About how many men supposedly served in each Union regiment?

Very often, though, each regiment had only half the intended number.


To avoid being drafted into the Union Army, how much did a man have to pay?

That was about a year's wages and the rule was certainly used more by the wealthy than the poor.


Why did anti-draft riots break out in 1863?

Poorer populations, and particularly immigrants, wound up doing the bulk of the fighting.


What percentage of Union soldiers were killed or wounded during the conflict?

The high casualty rate meant that officers were constantly looking for new men.


Immigrants made up about what percentage of the Union Army?

About a quarter of regiments were comprised of mostly immigrants.


About how many Union soldiers were absent during the war due to desertion?

The miserable living conditions caused many men to flee their units.


How many Union soldiers died in POW camps?

The Confederates struggled to feed and care for their own troops, so they were not particularly gracious to Union soldiers.


The high casualty numbers meant that what percentage of the American population died during the war?

It remains, by far, the bloodiest conflict in the history of America.


If compared proportionally to today's American population, how many soldiers would have died in the Civil War?

Now, just as then, the scale of such a conflict would touch the lives of every citizen.


In 1861, how many men did William Sherman request in order to start an new offensive against the South?

His request was considered so outrageous that he actually lost his command for a time.


What power did the Militia Act of 1862 give to the president?

If states couldn’t meet the quota, the president was then allowed to initiate a draft in that state.


In July 1861, Congress authorized the call for how many more volunteers?

Early in the war, no one knew exactly what kind of manpower would be needed to end the conflict.


What did "bounty jumpers" do?

The jumpers would accept pay as a substitute and then desert and repeat the process, making bundles of money along the way.


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