Quiz: Unforgiven: Eastwood's Last Stand
Unforgiven: Eastwood's Last Stand
By: John Miller
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It's a bloody and savage Western unlike any other. "Unforgiven" finds Clint Eastwood warping traditional storylines and turning them into eviscerating scenes that defy the genre. How much do you know about this violent Western film?

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"Unforgiven" stars stalwart Western hero Clint Eastwood. Who directs?
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In the movie, Eastwood plays a man named William Munny, who has which occupation?
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At the beginning of the movie, Munny is burying his young wife. How did she die?
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In Big Whiskey, two cowboys decide to visit a brothel. What do they do?
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The other prostitutes are appalled at the violence perpetrated by the two cowboys. What do they do in response?
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Jaimz Woolvett plays the part of a young character simply known as what?
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How much is the reward for killing the no-good cowboys?
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Munny eventually decides to head north to Wyoming to join The Kid. What does he do along the way?
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The movie's budget was around $14 million. How much did it make at the box office?
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The sheriff of Big Whiskey is named "Little" Bill Daggett. Who plays the part?
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Munny first rejects The Kid's offer to join the bounty hunt. Why does he change his mind?
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After Munny recovers, the three bounty hunters trail their prey. Who kills the first cowboy?
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Of the nine nominations, how many Oscars did the film actually win?
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After the men kill the first of the two evil cowboys, Ned decides to leave. Why?
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The Kid shoots and kills the second cowboy. Where does he kill him?
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This an uncouth and violent movie. How many people die during the story?
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Munny takes up drinking again during the movie.
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The movie won four Oscars. Which of the following categories did it NOT win?
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Eastwood didn't win Best Actor. Who did?
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Munny kills Little Bill to avenge Ned's death. As he rides out of town, what does he do?
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The film was released in 1992. Since then, in how many Westerns has Clint Eastwood appeared?
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This is a dark, brooding Western. It takes place mostly in a little town called what?
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At the end of the movie, where does Munny go?
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What role did David Webb Peoples have in the making of the film?
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"Unforgiven" received rave reviews from critics. It was nominated for how many Academy Awards?
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Much of the film was shot in Canada instead of Hollywood. Why?
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After securing the script, why did Eastwood wait years before actually making the movie?
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Which person first had the rights to direct the movie?
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