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Dealing with some household problems can be delayed, but a sluggish drain can soon become a major inconvenience. Despite the smell and possibility of getting your hands dirty, it is often not too difficult to unclog a drain. Take this quiz and find out how easy it is.

What can a sluggish drain lead to?

A clogged drain will eventually lead to inconvenience and mess.


Can you suggest a homemade drain cleaner?

Half a cup of baking soda followed by 1/2 a cup of vinegar can clear a moderately clogged drain


Are there any precautions to take if using a homemade or commercial drain cleaner?

Beware of the fumes and avoid contact with these materials. Both the foaming and fumes resulting from use of the materials are dangerous.


How long should a baking soda-vinegar mix be left before running water?

The mixture needs about three hours to work.


Is there a remedy for a grease clog?

Try 1/2 a cup (118ml) of salt and 1/2 a cup of baking soda followed by a kettle of boiling water.


Which is the correct formula for a preventative drain cleaner?

A cup of baking soda, a cup table salt, and a 1/4 cup cream of tartar mixed well together.


Before using a plunger, why would you put petroleum jelly on the lip of the plunger?

Petroleum jelly helps create a better seal, making the action of the plunger more efficient.


What action caused by the plunger would dislodge an obstruction?

The back and forth water pressure could eventually move the obstruction.


Would you use a commercial drain cleaner on or near metal fixtures?

No way. Drain cleaners contain caustic or corrosive chemicals.


Okay, having had no success with chemicals or snakes, what is the next logical step?

Now we come to the really smelly part. Remove the trap from under the sink and catch the water in a bucket. Any blockage should be easy to clear.


If a bathtub drain is blocked, from how many places can a nearby clog be attacked?

You can attack from three places: the drain opening, overflow opening and the drum trap.


What can be an effective tool in clearing blocked floor drains?

A garden hose attached to a faucet can send a surge of water through the pipe and sometimes clear it.


What type of drain clog will not respond to a snake or a plunger?

Tree roots growing in at the joints will need to be cut.


If your blockage was caused by tree roots, could you do anything reasonable about it yourself?

Although this is more difficult than using a plunger or chemicals, an electric rooter or power auger could be used to cut the roots.


What is the importance of a drain trap?

A drain trap is not only an essential part of the outgoing drainage system, but its water plug prevents dangerous sewer gases from entering your home.


What is the advantage, if any of a polypropylene plastic trap.

The traps are rugged and long-lasting.


Would you use an ABS plastic trap when there is a frequent passage of caustic household chemicals?

No, these traps don't handle caustic chemicals well.


When appearance is important, which trap would you choose?

Where appearance is important, the chrome-plated thinwall brass traps are popular.


What is the typical trap diameter for a kitchen sink?

One and a half inches.


If you replace a drain trap, when should you run water into it?

You should run water immediately to create the water plug that blocks sewer gases.


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