Quiz: The Ultimate Wine Lover's Quiz
The Ultimate Wine Lover's Quiz
By: Staff
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To most, enjoying a glass of wine is a casual pursuit of pleasure. But to others it's a far more ceremonious occasion. Such oenophiles will need to summon their knowledge about wine or risk tasting the Ultimate Wine Lover's Quiz's grapes of wrath.

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When it comes to wine, you often get what you pay for. In 1985, a wine lover took that phrase to a whole new meaning, shelling out more than $156,000 on a single bottle. Why did it fetch such an astronomical price?
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A little imbibing may do the body good. Word on the street is that a glass of red wine each day might benefit which color-coordinated organ?
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Wine racks are for amateurs; the mark of a true vino aficionado is a wine cellar. These days, the primary difference between cellars is what?
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An easy way to spot a sommelier in a nice restaurant is to look for someone wearing a shallow, silver dish around his or her neck. Sommeliers tote around these accessories, called tastevins, for what purpose?
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Decanters make for attractive household accessories and also enhance the flavor of certain wines by allowing oxygen to react with the liquid. Which type of wine is the only one that requires decanting or aerating?
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In 2006, scientists discovered that drinking red wine could potentially prolong longevity thanks to a compound called "resveratrol." Unfortunately, humans would have to guzzle about how much of the stuff per day to glean the benefits?
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Bottles of wine deserve some tender love and care for optimal drinking pleasure. Which of the following wine care steps is NOT correct?
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When considering what wine to pair with rich, heavy foods, what characteristic would the wise oenophile look out for?
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Maintaining etiquette while chugging 12 to 18 different kinds of vino in an afternoon may seem like a nigh impossible challenge. But according to wine tour etiquette, which of the following is NOT acceptable behavior (besides getting thoroughly sloshed)?
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An experienced wine lover knows to smell a glass of wine before tasting. Once it finally comes time for that first mouthful, what should you do?
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