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No one wants stretch marks, but how to do you prevent this common skin issue? Take our quiz to learn how to prevent and remove stretch marks.

The medical term for stretch marks is:

When striae first form they tend to have a pinkish or purple color.


Does either the color or texture of stretch marks fade with time?

Intense coloration may be noted when stretch marks first appear but while the pinkish or purples tones fade, the texture tends to remain the same.


Stretch marks require medical attention.

Stretch marks are harmless but many people seek cosmetic attention.


Stretch marks often appear on the:

Stretch marks often appear on the breasts and thighs, in addition to the abdomen, buttocks and arms.


Large increases in muscle mass can create stretch marks.

Stretch marks caused by large increases in muscle mass are predominantly found in the arms and legs.


Other causes of stretch marks include:

Growth spurts, pregnanancy and even some genetic disorders like Marfan syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos can lead to stretch marks.


Stretch marks on the arms usely appear near the elbow.

The skin near the armpit is most prone to stretch marks.


Treitinoin cream can help rebuild collagen in the:

Treitinoin cream can help your skin heal in the first six weeks of stretch mark development but pregnant women should avoid it since its effect on a fetus aren't fully understood.


Pulsed laser therapy is primarily used for treatment of old stretch marks.

Pulsed laser therapy helps retexture stretch marks when they're relatively new.


Chemical peels with glycolic acid work on:

Chemical peels are effective on new and old stretch marks by promoting skin regeneration.


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