Quiz: The Ultimate Tween Decorating Ideas to Avoid Quiz
The Ultimate Tween Decorating Ideas to Avoid Quiz
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Tweens are rapidly becoming recognized as a distinct demographic with their own tastes and needs. But with this part of their lives lasting a relatively short period, is it worth decorating their bedrooms to accommodate them? And if so, how can you make the smartest design choices while also pleasing your children? Take this quiz to see what you know about what you shouldn't do when decorating for tweens.

Tweens have been identified as forming a market segment of their own, distinct from children and teenagers. This leads to more people trying to make money off of them.

Since trends often are started by manufacturers and marketers, they can be expensive. Unfortunately, they can also grow outdated very quickly.

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Posters are inexpensive and easily replaceable after the fad changes to the next person or character who has become in vogue.

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What is it worth spending more money on in your tween's bedroom?

Try to spend large sums of money only on the items that your tween will continue to use after he or she grows to become a teenager.

Model planes can replace cartoonish ones and prints of real racecars will certainly be more welcome than his old racecar bed!

When it comes to decorating ideas, tween boys tend to show more imagination and/or draw inspiration from their friends, while tween girls are more focused on current trends.

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While tweens don't want to live in a bedroom designed for little kids, they also don't want to feel like mini-adults. Design a room that is in between the two… like tweens themselves.

Expandable furniture means that you can by beds or dressers that are still well-made, but that also allow for the future needs of your tweens once they become teens.

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What might you need to do with a well-made dresser if you want you tween to like it now but also be able to use it for many more years?

As is a well-constructed bed, a strong dresser is well worth investing in. Paint, however, can remove that "too grown-up" feel it might have.

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Which tweens are more likely to have string opinions about what their rooms look like?

By getting some ideas from your tweens about what they want, you can design a bedroom that reflects their personalities, not yours. Just don't let them have free reign or it could grow too expensive.

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What will help you accommodate your tween's changing likes?

By having as many moveable pieces of furniture as possible, you will allow your tween to express his or her whims without costing any more money.

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What has raised the profile of tweens as a distinct market segment in America?

With one daughter leaving the demographic and becoming a teenager and another who is just entering tweenhood, President Obama's family has raised awareness of tweens in the U.S.

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After privacy, what is a tween's most important need from a bedroom?

Tweens with growing wardrobes and frequent sleepovers need the space in their rooms to accommodate these things. Closet organizers or hidden storage can help create roomier rooms using the same physical space.

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About what percent of tweens in the U.S. have their own cellphones?

While many tweens have cellphones, they are still far from the majority. Tweens are more likely to spend their social time on the computer or in front of the TV.

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What aspect of your tween's room should you probably not argue over, even if you disagree with his or her choice?

Paint is an inexpensive way for you to allow your tween's individuality to come through. Furniture can cost a lot, and your tween may still be too immature to live separately in the basement or over the garage.

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