Quiz: The Ultimate TV Reboot Quiz
The Ultimate TV Reboot Quiz
By: Staff
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TV reboots mean another chance for fans to revisit their favorite casts of characters. Take our quiz to see how much you know about some of the most buzzed-about remakes and reboots as well as the classic shows that inspired them.

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Which Tanner daughter does not appear in the 2016 "Full House" reboot on Netflix?
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How many kids does D.J. have in "Fuller House?"
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What is the name of the Tanner's former neighbor, who moves in to help D.J. raise her boys in "Fuller House?"
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The 2015 "X-Files" reboot is actually a prequel to the original series.
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Mulder and Scully are dating in the "X-Files" reboot.
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What network will feature a much-anticipated "Ducktales" reboot starting in 2017?
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Which of the following is not one of Scrooge's nephews on "Ducktales?"
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The original voice actors were replaced for the 2016 "Powerpuff Girls" cartoon.
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Where does "Gilmore Girls" take place?
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Which actress, who played Sookie St. James, will not be heading back to "Gilmore Girls?"
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NBC cancelled a planned "Coach" reboot in 2015.
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When did "Heroes" premiere for the first time?
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Which of these "Heroes" actors returned to take part in "Heroes: Reborn?"
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The "Prison Break" reboot launched in 2016 is a sequel to the original series.
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When did "Celebrity Death Match" first hit TV screens?
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Which of the following best describes the action on "Celebrity Death Match?"
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The 2014 series "24: Live Another Day" was essentially a 9th season of the long-running show.
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What is the name of the "24" reboot, which was announced in early 2016?
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What name was given to the 2015 reboot of the film "Wet Hot American Summer?"
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What is the name of the camp in "Wet Hot American Summer?"
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Which Muppet gets her own talk show in the 2015 reboot "The Muppets?"
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Which actress does Miss Piggy have a serious beef with in the "Muppets" episode "Walk the Swine?"
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Which network announced a new "Star Trek" series in November 2015?
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When did the first "Star Trek" series hit TV screens?
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When did "The Magic School Bus" premiere for the first time on TV?
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What was the name of the driver on "The Magic School Bus?"
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A reboot project for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" raised more than $5 million on Kickstarter in 2015.
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When did "Arrested Development" originally premiere?
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What is the Bluth family's favorite fruit on "Arrested Development?"
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What character's murder dominated the first season of "Twin Peaks" when the show first aired?
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