Quiz: Could You Slash Your TV and Internet Costs?

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Are your television and Internet bills blowing your budget? Test your knowledge of how you can cut your TV and Internet costs with our quiz.

What's one way that smartphone and tablet use is changing consumers' TV-viewing habits?

Today's TV viewers often divide their attention between multiple screens, including a tablet or smartphone. Nielsen reports 19 percent of TV viewers searched for information on their tablets or smartphones about products they saw on TV.


When it comes to digital services, how can bundling save you a bundle?

Bundling services together by purchasing multiple services (such as telephone, Internet and television) from the same provider can cost hundreds of dollars less each year than buying each service separately.


What's a reliable and quiet location to access free Internet service?

Public libraries offer free Internet access and computer usage, all in a quiet environment.


How can you watch your favorite shows if you cancel your television services?

One of the most convenient ways to watch your favorite shows without a television service is to watch online. Visit television network Web sites and portals like Hulu.com to view some episodes for free.


What's a free way to view movies at home?

Instead of ordering a pricey movie tier with your television subscription or paying to view movies online, you can rent movies from your public library for free.


What's the best way to save money when using an e-reader?

The price of an e-reader is only part of its overall cost. The money you'll pay to buy books and magazines will eventually dwarf its purchase price unless you opt to bolster your e-book collection by renting selections from public libraries or other loaner services.


If you're not ready to cancel your television and Internet but you want to lower your bills, what's the next logical step?

Instead of canceling cold turkey, get back to basics. If you're paying extra on your television bill for a DVR or premium channels, downsize to a basic service. Do the same for your Internet by switching to a middle-of-the-road speed instead of the faster (and more costly) speeds that may be available.


How can watching less TV save money in other ways?

By watching less TV, you'll have fewer exposures to advertisements and product placements -- which could positively affect your spending habits. Plus, when your TV isn't hogging electricity, your electric bill is sure to be lower, too.


If you use your Internet connection primarily for Facebook, e-mail and casual browsing, what's the best Internet speed for you?

Are you paying for broadband speed that you don't really need? If you primarily use your Internet connection for checking Facebook, sending e-mail and browsing the Web, around 2 mbps should work just fine -- and cost less than a higher-speed connection.


How can a la carte ordering cut your television bill?

If you replace your television service bill by ordering and paying for specific movies or episodes and seasons of shows from a media player like TiVo or application like iTunes, your viewing habits may become more selective -- and save you money in the long run.


How can you use, but not pay for, high-speed Internet?

You can find complimentary wireless Internet connections at local coffee shops, restaurants, retailers and libraries.


Is it possible to negotiate television and Internet rates?

The first step is to ask your television and Internet provider for a discounted rate. Even if you don't receive a long-term discount, you may be offered a promotional rate for a few months.


What homework should you do before asking a service provider for a price break?

Do a little research before calling your service provider to ask for a discount. It may help if you can name specific competitors, or what deals your current provider is currently offering to new customers.


What's the most definitive way to know how taxes and fees will impact your television and Internet bill?

If you'd like to see an estimate of a television or Internet provider's taxes and fees in writing, ask for a sample bill that offers a line-by-line explanation of what your taxes and ongoing or one-time fees will be.


Which extra expense should you be wary of when switching Internet or television providers?

When making the switch from one Internet or television provider to another, watch out for set-up fees that can add up to a hundred dollars or more. Often, you can negotiate lower rates for these one-time fees.


How can owning a tablet lower your television bill?

More than 40 percent of tablet owners use them while watching TV every single day, but did you know you can use a tablet to actually watch TV? If you use a tablet to stream your favorite shows from network Web sites or rebroadcasting sites like Hulu, it may be time to cancel your television service.


What's a digital sabbatical?

A digital sabbatical is a scheduled break from Internet, TV, smartphones and tablets. For some people, it's the first step in cutting back television or Internet services.


What other digital activity are people most likely to do while watching TV?

Sixty percent of of television viewers who also use a tablet or smartphone reportedly check e-mail while watching TV, according to a survey by Nielsen.


If you're not ready to cancel your television services, what can you try?

You can still cut your television bill. By canceling premium channels and specialty channel tiers, you may cut your bill by as much as half.


What's the best way to find a free WiFi hotspot?

Finding free WiFi can be hit-and-miss, but you can search for online directories that list Internet hotspots by location.


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