Quiz: Are You a True Harry Potter Fan?
Are You a True Harry Potter Fan?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Warner Bros

About This Quiz

From the moment the Harry Potter movies were released, the world immediately fell in love with the franchise and both the series and the films are the most successful of their kind in the existence of any form of entertainment. 

No one knew that a young wizard and his friends would amass a fan base of over 500 million people all around the world. Many sites have listed that there are different types of Harry Potter fans all of which are on different levels. There is the casual fan who probably only saw a few of the movies, the aggressive fan theorist who could have given the author an idea or two, or the closet fan who you would never know loved the series just as much as you do.

How much do you really know about the wonderful world of Harry Potter? Are you the type of person who only knows the names of the favorite characters, or are you the type of person who can call out spells at will? If you would like us to tell you what kind of fan you are, or if you are one at all, then this is the quiz you need to take. 

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