Quiz: True or False: Catholic Marriage Edition
True or False: Catholic Marriage Edition
By: Cammy Pedroja
Image: D-Keine/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Devout Catholics believe they have a lot to gain by following the laws of their religion, namely, entrance into heaven. Sounds pretty good, right? Still, even among believers, not everybody has what it takes to live by a stringent set of religious requirements. The Catholic church takes the sacrament of marriage pretty seriously, for example, so naturally, there are quite a few rules to follow when a Catholic person wants to get hitched.

Catholicism teaches that performing the sacraments (basically rituals assigned by Jesus Christ) is the best way to connect with the grace of God from down here on Earth. And in that vein, the sacrament of matrimony allows a devout couple to enter into a “covenant” or special spiritual agreement with God while they are here on Earth. It's similar to their idea that through baptism, the spirit of God enters the body through holy water. But does that mean just any couple can enter into a true sacramental marriage? Nope! 

The church has a very specific set of rules and requirements for couples to follow if they want to have a “valid” or "sacramental" Catholic marriage. So, do you think you know what it takes to gain entry into the sacrament of matrimony? Test your knowledge with these true or false questions to see if you truly know your Catholic marriage facts, or if you could use a little refresher on the rulebook.

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