Quiz: The Ultimate True Crime Quiz
The Ultimate True Crime Quiz
By: Staff
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Sometimes real-life crimes are weirder and wilder than any fictional evil. How much do you know about these true crimes?

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Which serial killer enjoyed dressing up as a clown and working charity events?
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The St. Valentine's Day Massacre is associated with which famous criminal?
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Which man was the most prolific known serial killer in United States history?
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In Chicago, criminal H.H. Holmes had a house in Chicago that eventually bore which nickname?
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Which serial killer claimed that a demonic dog commanded him to commit murder?
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How did The Angel of Death kill most of his elderly patients?
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How long did it take to exonerate the Central Park Five of rape?
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What was the IQ of the Trash Bag Killer, who confessed to 32 murders?
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William Heirens became famous for leaving messages written in what?
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Serial killer Ted Bundy once worked at which organization?
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Sharon Tate was murdered by which criminal?
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How many people have been named as Jack the Ripper suspects?
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Metal Fang was a serial killer known for what?
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How did the Giggling Granny kill numerous members of her family?
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John Dillinger escaped from jail using what object?
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Billy the Kid was said to have killed 27 people but in reality probably killed how many?
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Which serial killer kept victims' heads in his freezer?
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How did Andre Kehoe kill 43 people at a school in 1927?
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Ted Kaczynski earned which nickname for himself?
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What prison sentence did Luis Garavito receive for murdering 139 boys in Columbia?
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Which serial killer was known for dismembering and beheading his victims?
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Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people because he was mad at the government for what?
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Which Wild West figure worked as an authority figure until being linked to more than 17 murders?
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"Bugsy" Siegel got his nickname because of what characteristic?
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How many children "committed suicide" at the People's Temple in an act led by Jim Jones?
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Which serial killer sent complex coded messages to the media?
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He was convicted of 48 murders, but how many did the Green River killer confess to?
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Which famed gangster earned the nickname "Jackrabbit?"
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Before she was executed, what were Aileen Pittman's last words?
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