Trick Out a Truck and We'll Guess What Kind of Truck You Own

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About This Quiz

Your truck says a lot about you. It can show your style as well as your lifestyle, whether you use it for work, or whether you use it to show off! When you think of a truck, you probably think of American car companies. But did you know that a German automotive company actually invented the first truck? Of course, it looked nothing like the trucks that we drive today. In America, the Ford Model T is considered to be the first true American made pickup truck. They've continued to do very well for themselves throughout the years.

Tricking out your truck, however, makes it your own. You have to think about all the aspects that you want to change. From the color to the interior aspects and the other cosmetic changes you can make, there are so many ways to make your truck your own. But in order to trick it out and create that perfect vehicle, you have to start with a base! Whether you start with a Ford or Chevy, you have to decide on that first!

Think we can guess what type of truck you own? You tell us about your truck, and we'll do all the guessing after you take this quiz!

Is your truck a gas or diesel?

Time for wheels. What are you choosing?

Will you have a lift kit?

Is a headlamp conversion in your truck's future?

How about tinted windows?

Are you putting side rails on?

What color is your truck?

Is a bed liner for you?

What do your rims look like?

Will you have light bars?

Any decals to trick your truck out even further?

Which seats will you choose?

Are bumper stickers your thing?

What about decorative LED lights?

Hydraulics can be pretty cool. Will you have any?

Will you have mud flaps?

What about spoilers?

Everyone has something in mind when working on their truck. What is your goal when tricking out your truck?

What do you want to achieve with your exhaust?

Your tailgate will look like what?

Will your truck have an underglow?

Are vanity plates a must for you?

What color are your windshield wipers?

Is tricking out your truck's emblem one of your goals?

Will you have anything on your dash or mirror?

Will you have anything on your hood?

Is there a tire cover on your spare?

What do your floor mats look like?

Will you have a license plate frame?

Time to think about comfort. What will your steering wheel look like?

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