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Sunburn is uncomfortable, unsightly and potentially dangerous to your health. How much do you know about treating your poor, burned epidermis (and possibly dermis)? Test yourself.

Can you get a sunburn on a cloudy day?

Don't be fooled by clouds. You can get sunburn on sunny days or cloudy days, and if you're outside all day, one application of sunscreen won't be enough -- even if you're not in the water.


What type of ultraviolet rays cause sunburn?

The sun emits three kinds of rays. Two of them -- UVA and UVB -- cause sunburn.


What type of ultraviolet rays cause photoaging?

On top of causing sunburn, UVA rays can age your skin.


You should avoid which of these products when treating sunburn?

Don't treat sunburn with "-caine" products like benzocaine or lidocaine -- these products can irritate your skin. Medical experts also recommend that you avoid petroleum jelly.


You should seek medical attention for sunburn if you're experiencing:

Call the doctor for a sunburn if you experience a high fever, nausea or chills; extreme pain or increasing pain and tenderness; confusion; or sunburn that doesn't seem to get better after a few days of home treatment.


Blistering signals that you have what degree of sunburn?

Blistering signals second-degree sunburn. If blistering isn't extensive and appears to be healing without complications, it can be treated with home and over-the-counter remedies.


Why shouldn't you break a blister?

Blisters shouldn't deliberately be broken because the serum inside the blister helps the healing process. Breaking a blister can make it more painful, slow healing and bring an increased risk of infection.


To protect yourself from sunburn, stay out of the sun between:

To avoid too much exposure, stay out of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m and be sure to use sunscreen early (15-30 minutes before sun exposure), often and liberally.


A cool bath made with what pantry staple can soothe a sunburn?

A cool bath made with about a half cup (125 mL) of oatmeal, cornstarch or baking soda will bring down your skin temperature and help relieve itchy, irritated skin. Repeat as needed, but don't use soap, which will cause more irritation.


Which pain reliever should NOT be given to children to ease the pain of sunburn?

If you're treating a child, use aspirin only with a doctor's approval. Aspirin use in kids is linked to Reye syndrome, a rare but potentially fatal condition.


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