Travel the World and We'll Guess Where You'll Meet Your Future Husband

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According to the song, it's a small world after all, but in real life, the world is plenty big, and there's more than one person could ever see and do out there. Traveling is a pretty amazing experience that lets you meet new people, try new foods and see the incredibly diverse and beautiful world from more than just the little corner you like to call home. From small towns to cities that hold more people than some countries, there are so many places to visit and so many reasons to do so. 

If you like animals and nature, you can take in an African safari, commune with monkeys in Costa Rica or get chased by a surly kangaroo in Australia. If food is your motivation, you can eat authentic tacos in Oaxaca, dim sum in Guangzhou or channa masala in Delhi. 

There's something for literally everyone. And, as they say, there's someone too. How you look at the world is a lot like how you look at other people. The things that interest and attract you in one are very much the same in the other. So if you take a tour around the world with us, maybe we can take a tour around your future with you, and even tell you where you're going to meet your future husband. Sound impossible? Take the quiz and see!

We're heading to Canada! What city would you like to visit the most?

The world is full of incredible amusement parks. Which one would you like to visit most?

There are some incredible and historic cities in Brazil. Where would you visit first?

If you're not sure what land you want to go to, why not pick a place that ends in "land?" Which land is the best land?

Winter is a lot nicer when you can just visit it and not have to stay there. What frosty-cold country would you like to visit for a winter getaway?

There are a lot of amazing islands to escape to. Which one would you most like to visit?

Half the fun of travel is the food. Where would you visit just to experience the cuisine?

There are Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Which of these ones would you most want to visit?

Which of these man-made Wonders of the World is the most appealing to you?

Some people like to travel in the comfort of a deck chair. Which of these cruises sounds best?

Sometimes you want to visit a party city. Which one do you want to see the most?

If history is your thing, there are plenty of ancient locations to visit. Where would you go to get back to the past?

It's hard to resist a really nice-looking beach. Which one is calling your name?

It's fun to check out the local wildlife sometimes when you're out in the world. Where would you go to get back to nature?

Few things are as impressive to behold as a mountain. Which mountains interest you more than the others?

Some places just seem to ooze culture. Which cultural mecca is the one for you?

Sometimes a city has a bit of a bad reputation in a good way. Which of these attracts you the most?

If shopping is your thing, there are plenty of great cities for that. Where would you go to drop a few dollars?

When you go on vacation, what kind of place attracts you?

Asia has so many amazing places to visit. If you could only pick one, where would you go?

Which of these European destinations would you want to hit up the most?

With the entire continent of Africa to explore, where do you think you'd want to go first?

Let's head to Australia! What do you want to see the most?

You could spend a lifetime traveling South America, but where would you want to start?

There's a lot going on in North America that's worth seeing. Where would you like to visit?

The Middle East has some of the oldest and most incredible spots in the world to visit. Where would you like to go?

Central America has some gorgeous and exotic locations for travel. Where do you think you'd most like to go?

Those pirates of the Caribbean were on to something. Which island in the Caribbean sounds best to you?

The people you meet can really make or break a vacation for you. What people have the best accent in the whole world?

The U.S. has everything from tropical islands to freezing arctic tundra to dry deserts. What's the best place to vacation in America?

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