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High-traffic areas such as hallways and staircases are often dark and boring, simply used to get people from point A to point B. But it can be quite simple to make these areas into classy and attractive features of your home. Take this quiz to see how much you know about transforming your hallways and staircases into pieces of art. You may find yourself surprised at how easy it is!

Where in a hallway would you place a design piece to act as a focal point?

Placing a design piece on the back wall allows it to be seen easily.


Why is a cabinet of heirlooms a good design piece for a hallway or staircase?

Having your family heirlooms on display can help to start conversation. Place them in a lit curio cabinet for a nice finish.


What design piece is recommended if you want a soothing sound effect as a feature in your hallway or on your staircase?

Cascading water on a tabletop fountain adds a natural, soothing noise as a feature for your hallway or staircase.


What is a key element to make your hallway or staircase more appealing?

Hallways and staircases are often dark places. Therefore, light is a key element of an engaging hallway.


In an area with a low-profile ceiling, what sort of lights are recommended?

Recessed lights sit within hollowed spaces in the ceiling, so they don't take up space in the room.


What can be used to make a room appear brighter without using electricity?

A mirror placed in a strategic position reflects light from windows and nearby open spaces.


How can you create a theme along your hallway or staircase?

To create a theme place paintings, photos, posters or memorabilia of the same genre along the walls.


How would you place your staircase paintings to create a sense of movement?

Staggering the paintings in an ascending manner, so that they are always at eye level, creates a sense of movement.


How can you make the plastic switch plates on the electric sockets another feature of your hallway or staircase?

Changing your standard plastic switch plate to a brass, wood or colorful plastic design helps this simple part of the house become part of the decor.


How can you further accent a molding strip along the wall of your staircase or hallway?

Painting a molding strip a different color to the walls helps to subtly accent this classy feature.


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