Quiz: Trainyard Quiz
Trainyard Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

So you fancy yourself an ace smartphone gamer. But how much do you know about Trainyard and other touchscreen puzzle games? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

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When was Trainyard invented?
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Who created Trainyard?
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What experience inspired the inventor of Trainyard?
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How many players can work a Trainyard puzzle simultaneously?
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Which of these colors is not used in Trainyard?
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What do you use to create tracks in Trainyard?
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How many solutions can a Trainyard puzzle have?
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As Trainyard puzzles become more complex, what do they require more of?
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What is the typical time limit for a Trainyard puzzle?
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What is a puzzle solution uploaded to the Web by another user called?
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Where is the developer of Trainyard based?
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How much does Trainyard cost to download?
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Where were maze puzzles invented?
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How many points does it take to win at Trainyard?
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How thick is the instruction manual for Trainyard?
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Which of these is an actual iPhone puzzle game?
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Which of these is not an actual iPhone puzzle game?
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Trainyard involves which of these types of learning?
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How many times has the Trainyard Express version of Trainyard been downloaded from the iPhone Apps store?
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