Quiz: Pulp Fiction (and Fact): Treating Toothaches
Pulp Fiction (and Fact): Treating Toothaches
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Home remedies for toothaches have always been a bit unusual. See if you know which ones are effective and which you should stay away from.

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Which of the following disorders is not a possible cause of tooth pain?
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According to historians, ancient Babylonians believed the cause of a toothache was what?
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A Siberian folk remedy for toothaches involved gargling what combination of ingredients?
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What is the name of a salve that was once a common treatment for tooth pain?
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What's a common visual depiction of tooth pain in cartoons and drawings?
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Which of the following is not a recommended home remedy for tooth pain?
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One of the most common remedies for toothaches can be found in what location?
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Which of the following pain relievers is most recommended for toothaches?
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Antiseptic ointments with which ingredient are recommended for toothaches?
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Which liquid can you apply to a cotton ball and then bite down on to ease a toothache?
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Which of the following beverages should you avoid if you have a toothache?
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What part of popcorn can be damaging to teeth?
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Which of the following seasonings is commonly used to treat a toothache?
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Massaging which area of the body with ice can help soothe a toothache?
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What is the name of the acupressure point associated with relieving tooth pain?
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Which side of the body should you practice acupressure or massage on to help reduce tooth pain?
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Pressing what against the cheek may help to ease a toothache?
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What kind of pill should you apply directly to a painful tooth?
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What is a symptom that indicates you should see your dentist right away?
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What is the best thing to do if you've tried a home remedy for your toothache but the tooth is still in pain?
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