Quiz: Tooth Enamel Restoration Quiz
Tooth Enamel Restoration Quiz
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About This Quiz

Tooth enamel protects your teeth and plays a vital role in your overall dental health. Find out how much you know about your pearly white's first line of defense by taking this quiz.

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When does enamel form on your primary, or baby, teeth?
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What color is enamel?
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What can develop if your enamel wears down?
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Besides brushing and flossing your teeth daily, how can you prevent enamel erosion?
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Some people are born with weak tooth enamel.
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What are indications that you might have enamel erosion?
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What can cause your enamel to break down?
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What's a common dental procedure for enamel erosion?
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What's a preventative measure you can take to avoid enamel weakening?
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True or false? Enamel erosion can be reversed.
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When your enamel has worn, what could cause pain in your teeth?
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What should you do after you consume acidic foods and beverages?
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A margarita made with a sugar-free substitute does not weaken enamel.
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How often should you get your teeth cleaned by your dentist?
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When enamel loss occurs, teeth can appear:
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What's an often-overlooked method for preventing enamel deterioration?
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Does enamel thickness vary across the surface of your teeth?
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