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We take for granted that we'll have all our teeth for our whole lives, but do you know how these essential tools formed? From our first baby tooth to our molars and wisdom teeth, take a bite out of this quiz to see how much you know about your chompers.

Baby teeth -- the ones that fall out when you're a child -- have a more formal name. What is it?

Just like deciduous trees, which lose their leaves and grow new ones, deciduous teeth are only temporary.


What is it called when the roots of deciduous teeth dissolve?

When permanent teeth start to grow in, they press down on the roots of the deciduous teeth, which then dissolve. The remnants of the roots are absorbed by the new teeth.


At about what age do deciduous teeth typically start falling out?

Baby teeth usually start to fall out when you're about 6, starting with the incisors.


At what age do the last of the baby teeth fall out?

Most kids are about 12 when they lose their last deciduous tooth.


When do teeth start to form?

Even though it takes months for deciduous teeth to begin erupting after you're born, and years for the adult teeth to come in, they all start to form by the 20th week in utero.


When teeth start to grow in, it's called _____.

Just like a volcano, your teeth erupt. But thankfully, there's no lava involved!


What are mamelons?

Mamelons are ridges on teeth that have just come in. They'll gradually wear away on their own.


Between the age 17 and 24, you may get your _____.

Third molars are also known as wisdom teeth because you're (presumably) a wiser person than you were when your other permanent teeth arrived.


Which of the following is NOT another name for wisdom teeth in other countries?

Many cultures have their own names for wisdom teeth. The Thai know them as huddling teeth because they crowd your other teeth, while the Koreans refer to them as love teeth due to their appearance sometimes coinciding with the pain of crushes and first love.


What percentage of people never get wisdom teeth?

Researchers think that wisdom teeth are on the way out, evolutionarily speaking. We had more use for them back when our jaws were longer, and therefore had room for an extra set. There may come a time when those with wisdom teeth are much rarer than those without.


What's the term for a wisdom tooth that's still partially encased in the gum?

Impaction also refers to wisdom teeth that are encased in bone, or that grow in at an abnormal angle.


How many wisdom teeth do people get?

There's really no rhyme or reason to how many wisdom teeth a person might get, if any. Some people may get as many as five!


At what age does the American Dental Association recommend first consulting with an orthodontist?

It might sound a bit early, but consulting an orthodontist when your child is about 7 can help identify problems before they get out of hand.


What age is the latest recommended age for braces?

Though it takes longer to shift adult teeth, using braces to treat crooked teeth in adults is very common.


Some people have what's commonly known as a "bad bite." Your dentist calls it ____.

Malocclusion can mean a misaligned jaw, crowded teeth or any other abnormality of the bite.


What causes malocclusion?

Thumb-sucking, injury and a number of other factors, including genetics, can contribute to malocclusion.


Human teeth have a lot in common with _____.

Shark scales, also called dermal denticles, have a pulp cavity, blood vessels, and dentine -- just like your teeth.


Not counting wisdom teeth, how many teeth does a normal mouth have?

The top and bottom jaws each have 14 teeth chompers. No wonder it gets crowded when the wisdom teeth come in!


What is anodontia?

Anodontia is an extremely rare genetic abnormality that results in a complete lack of teeth.


How many people in the United States are undergoing orthodontic treatment?

Nearly 4 million people in America undergo orthodontic treatment, and 3 out of 4 of those patients are younger than 18.


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