Quiz: The Ultimate Toilet Quiz
The Ultimate Toilet Quiz
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Alice walks through the forest of forgetfulness and finds a lion and a unicorn. They have some strange habits. The lion lies on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but tells the truth during the other days of the week. The unicorn lies on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but tells the truth during on the other four days. The lion tells Alice, "Yesterday, I was lying." The unicorn added, "So was I." On what day were these things said?
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How much water does a standard toilet tank hold?
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What type of material are most toilets made of?
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How is it possible to flush a toilet if there is no water in the toilet tank?
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After flushing the toilet, where does the water and waste go?
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The toilet tank acts as a ____________.
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What is the purpose of the toilet tank float?
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Why is porcelain a suitable material for the construction of toilets?
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What is the time necessary for a toilet tank to fill with water?
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Why does the toilet bowl water level stay the same regardless of how much waste is deposited?
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Which part of the toilet allows water to pass from the tank into the bowl?
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All toilets have ________ main components.
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If you plan to replace an old toilet with a newer model, why must you measure the distance from the wall to the toilet floor bolts?
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What is an important material between some toilets and the bathroom floor?
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When installing a new toilet, why must care be taken when tightening the floor bolts?
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When replacing an old toilet, what designer option do you have?
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