Quiz: The Ultimate Tiny House Quiz
The Ultimate Tiny House Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

How big a house do you live in? How small a house would you consider living in? Though still small, the tiny house movement is growing. Test your knowledge of the tiny house trend by taking this quiz.

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What was the average size of an American home in 2007?
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What is the underlying drive of living in a tiny home?
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When did the small house movement start?
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What is the range in size of most tiny houses?
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Where is the sleeping area commonly found in a tiny house?
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What feature do some of the smallest tiny houses now have that brings added versatility?
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What is a drawback of buying a modular, prefabricated home that is assembled on site?
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How much less expensive is a tiny house that you build yourself, compared to the same model fully built?
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What is another economic benefit of tiny houses?
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What is another benefit to living in a tiny house?
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What is the profile of the common tiny house buyer?
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In addition to using less raw material, how else are some tiny house manufacturers "going green?"
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