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Have you ever looked at your utility bill and wondered whether there was a way to reduce your energy costs? Have you noticed that the beautiful couch you purchased for the living room is fading? The sun's ray might be great for flowers and plants, but it hard on our skin, our furniture, and our pocketbooks.

How many basic categories of sunlight are there?

The sun emits a lot more than just the light you can see. In fact, the light we see is only one of three basic categories of sunlight, the other two being infra-red and ultra-violet (UV).


Which rays of sunlight cause sunburn?

The radioactive qualities of the sun's UV rays cause an alteration in skin pigmentation, which in its extreme is known as a sunburn. The Department of Health and Human Services identifies UV rays as a leading cause of skin cancer.


The heat we feel from the sun is the result of which types of rays?

The heat we feel from the sun is not from the rays we can see, it's from the sun's infra-red rays.


Window tint comes in what form?

You don't actually tint windows. You simply cover them with a sheet of protective film that helps absorb or block sunlight.


When did window film first hit the market?

The first type of window tinting film hit the market in the 1960s.


Window tint film is made of what material?

The film you use to tint a window is actually made of polyester, with a scratch-proof coating.


Window tint that has been dyed protects you from the sun by doing which of these?

The simplest type of tinting film simply absorbs the sun's rays, so that they never pass through the window.


The problem with film that absorbs sunlight is what?

By absorbing sunlight, particularly the infra-red rays, the window absorbs heat. Too much absorbed heat can cause heat stress, which could cause the window to crack or even break.


Certain modern tinting film uses which of these materials to help block sunlight?

Recent advancements to tinting film include using metals or ceramics to actually block the sun's rays, which avoids heat stress.


By purchasing tinting film, you might be eligible for which of these?

Depending upon which state you live in, you may be eligible for a personal income tax credit for the money used to purchase window tinting film.


In which of these ways is tinting your windows likely to improve your life?

The sun's rays heat up your house, which causes you to turn up your air-conditioning system and pay higher electric bills. Tint your windows to reduce your energy costs.


The average American spends what percentage of his or her utility costs on heating and cooling a home?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, as much as 45 percent of your annual utility expenditures are for heating and cooling your home. Tinting your windows can significantly reduce those costs.


Windows that have not been tinted can cause up to what percentage of summer heat gain?

If you want to reduce your air-conditioning bill significantly, tint your windows. Up to 75 percent of the heat gain your house experiences in the summer is the result of using standard windows.


Which of these statements best defines the term solar heat-gain coefficient?

Tinting film will reduce, but not entirely block, solar heat. The amount of heat the does make its way into the building is the solar heat-gain coefficient.


Which of these statements best defines the term solar reflectance?

The extent to which tinting film absorbs or reflects solar rays is referred to as its solar reflectance.


Which of these household items is likely to benefit greatly from tinted windows?

Furniture often suffers damage from long-term exposure to the sun's rays. Tinting your windows will not only save you money on your electric bill, it might save you the cost of new furniture.


Which type of sunlight causes fading in furniture?

The same UV rays the cause your skin to burn are responsible for the faded color on that once beautiful sofa.


Tinting films are now able to block approximately what percentage of UV rays?

There are new films on the market that can block up to 99 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays.


Besides absorbing or blocking the sun's harmful rays, how else can tinting film improve the quality of your windows?

Certain types of tinting film are designed to hold shards of glass together if the window breaks. This shatter-resistant film can prevent injury.


Tinting your own windows will cost about how much per square foot?

Some professionals charge as much as $35 per square foot to tint windows, but you can do it yourself for as little as $1 per square foot.


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