Quiz: The Ultimate Tiling a Ceiling Quiz
The Ultimate Tiling a Ceiling Quiz
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For a quick and easy way to update your room, you may want to consider installing a new tile ceiling. It's a fun project you can do by yourself. Take our fun quiz to find out what you need to know before deciding if a new tile ceiling is for you.

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To determine how many tiles you need to tile your ceiling, you need to compute its square:
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How can you install ceiling tiles on an existing drywall ceiling?
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When applying adhesive to the back of ceiling tiles, always use;
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When installing ceiling tiles, where should you install the first tile?
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The edges of ceiling tiles have a _____ construction.
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What type of molding should you install along the edges of a ceiling when installing ceiling tiles?
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What size furring strips should you use when installing a new tile ceiling?
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How do you attach the ceiling tiles to the furring strips when installing a new tile ceiling?
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How do you know what size staple to use when installing a tile ceiling using furring strips?
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