Quiz: Tick Off All the Movies You've Seen and We'll Guess If You're in Your Teens, 20s, or 30s
Tick Off All the Movies You've Seen and We'll Guess If You're in Your Teens, 20s, or 30s
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Blend Images/Andres Rodriguez/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Cinema changes with the times, or it dies. Studios like RKO had their day, but when you blow your annual budget on flops, the competition will eat you up real quick. Film is the defining cultural art form of our age, and with its various permutations such as TV and streaming gaining ground, we still define much of our cultural experiences by the major motion pictures we see, even if we end up seeing them on Amazon or Netflix.

When one hears the words "movie star," an image comes to mind. Who pops into your head? Is it a current celluloid heartthrob or someone from another era? Assuming you aren't a film student, it's very likely that the person you think of at those words is someone famous from your formative years.

The movies you absorb define who you are, how you speak, and the cultural references that allow you to get a handhold on a conversation at dinner parties. The movies you see say a lot about you, your priorities, your tastes, and even your positions on generationally defining cultural issues. By saying which movies you've seen, you allow us to pinpoint when you were born, and thus how old you are. Care to give us a try?

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