Quiz: The Ultimate Three-way Switches Quiz
The Ultimate Three-way Switches Quiz
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You are ready for bed and want to walk up the stairs to the bedroom. At the bottom you flick a switch to turn on the stairway lights and when you get to the top there is another switch to turn the same lights off. It's thanks to three-way switches that you can do this. Learn all about these special switches by taking this quiz.

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How many switches do you need to construct a three-way switch circuit?
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What is the wire that carries the current often called?
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How many wires run through a piece of Romex?
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What material is a Romex sheath made from?
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An electrician wires Romex between the power outlets and the _____?
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What size Romex would you usually find in a normal household?
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What is different about the special Romex used for wiring a three-way switch?
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What must you do before testing electrical wiring?
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What tool can you use to find out how your house is wired?
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Should three-way switches be wired in series or parallel?
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