Quiz: Thomas Edison: Illuminating Inventor
Thomas Edison: Illuminating Inventor
By: Nathan Chandler
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Thomas Edison is famous as an American inventor. But he didn't just create a few handy doodads. His incredible ideas transformed life for humanity. How much do you know about Edison and his famous work?

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What is Thomas Edison best known for doing?
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Edison became well know for his intellectual capabilities. What sort of educational background did he have?
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Edison is one of the most famous men in American history. Where did he grow up?
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What was Edison's childhood nickname?
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What physical disability plagued Edison throughout his life?
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How did Edison receive his first real exposure to telegraph technology?
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Edison drove his elementary school teacher crazy. Why?
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Telegraphs were important tools for 19th-century railroad companies. How did a young person like Edison manage to learn the systems?
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Many people called Edison a genius. What did he say was an important element of so-called genius?
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Edison married a woman named Mary in 1871. Why did their marriage end?
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Edison was a fabulous inventor but a terrible businessman.
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Which company bought his quadruplex telegraph technology?
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What was the invention that first established Edison as a noteworthy inventor?
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After the tragic death of his wife Mary, Edison remained single for the rest of his life.
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Edison engaged in a "War of Currents" against which man?
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How did Edison propose to his second wife, Mina?
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Edison lost the War of Currents.
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Edison "muckers" were charged with developing the technology behind what?
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After Edison married Mina and had three children with her, how did the couple live?
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Edison was a man of science. He did not believe in God.
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Edison's father was a smart man. He paid his son to do what?
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In 1878, Edison patented which invention?
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In the late 1800s, Edison developed the Kinetograph, which was essentially what?
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By the end of his life, Edison was almost totally deaf. What did he say that he missed the most due to the condition?
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In 1901, Edison formed a company that created which product?
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Edison's inventions literally changed the world. How did he die?
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Finish this Edison quote. "Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent WHAT?"
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