Quiz: Can We Guess If You're More The Sun or the Moon From this Yes or No Quiz?
Can We Guess If You're More The Sun or the Moon From this Yes or No Quiz?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you burn bright like the sun, or do you have phases like the moon? You might not give off magnetic waves large enough to knock out power grids, but you might have influence like the ocean's tides. The only real way to find out where you stand in the celestial world is to give a quick yes or no response to our quizzical questions! 

You probably know by now that the full moon gets blamed for a lot of things. From werewolves to a rise in emotional behavior, the moon's influence over the water in our bodies is well documented. Just as importantly, without the sun's light, we would we be in the dark living on a barren land without crops. As we go through our quiz, we'll scratch below the surface of your personality and try to get to the heart of your soul. With something as important as being either the moon or the sun, we want to make sure we get it right!

Pause for a moment to feel the energy around you and to quiet your mind before you begin our journey into the stars. Your honest responses will help us learn where you hang in the sky!

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