This Yes or No Quiz Will Tell You Which Branch of the Military You Should Join

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About This Quiz

Are you ready to find out which branch of the military you should join? Whether you've been considering a military career or you have simply wanted to know, you can find out here. All you need to do is respond to our questions with a firm yes or no. 

As we go throughout this military quiz, we will ask you a series of yes or no questions designed to figure out your skills, your work ethic, and the things that would make you material for either the Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Army. You might find some of the questions a little personal, but joining the military is nothing to be taken lightly. 

Serving as a member of our fighting forces is an honor. In order to be the best service member you can, you need to know which branch is perfect for you. Once you've done telling us yes or no, we will be able to place you with the branch of the military you would see yourself flying through the ranks in!

Find out which uniform is right for you by choosing the response that represents you best. Then, we'll tell you which recruiting office you should visit today! Are you ready?

Can you drop and do 35 pushups?

Have you been away from home for long periods of time?

Do you consider yourself tech savvy?

Do you get motion sickness when you travel?

Do you enjoy going camping?

Do you know all the words to the national anthem?

Are you an expert with firearms?

Would you enjoy spending time on a submarine?

Can you change your vehicle's oil?

Would you consider yourself a good team player?

Are you comfortable leading others?

Would you like to learn another language?

Are you a strong swimmer?

Would you struggle through basic training?

Do you watch a lot of military themed movies?

Have you ever been hunting in the wild?

Do you enjoy sharing space with others?

Do you have more than 10 stamps in your passport?

Are you a classic overachiever?

Do you always tell the truth no matter what?

Would you enjoy being a firefighter or police officer?

Have you ever seen the inside of a tank?

Would your friends describe you as fearless?

Would you be open to eating an MRE for dinner tonight?

Can you change a bicycle tire?

Would you like to try building a house?

Do you have an analytical mind?

Do you stay calm in stressful situations?

Would you enjoy mentoring young people?

Do you need to control situations?

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