This Yes or No Quiz Will Guess If You're Male or Female

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Forgive us if our questions seem a bit stereotypical, but there are just certain things that women do that men don't. And of course there are shared experiences among the genders, but we're drawing a line in the sand right here, right now, and we are pulling males and females apart. Our aim is to find out, from our questions, which side you're on. 

So we're gonna ask you some questions to determine just that. We'll ask you about your appearance, about the things you like doing, and just what makes you tick. But the easy part about it is that all you need to answer to our questions is either yes or no. Sounds easy enough, right?

Take these for example: 

1. Are you excited about this quiz? Yes.

2. Do you think our result will be accurate? Yes.

3. Will you do another one of our quizzes? Yes.

So, if you want to give us the chance to prove that we have the skills to guess whether you're a guy or gal, take this quiz! Our questions are designed to sniff the right answer without asking the obvious. We know for a fact that we'll get it right.

Are you approachable?

Would you say that you're healthy?

Do you love getting physical?

Do you have lots of friends?

Do you hang out with your friends often?

Do you post every detail of your life on social media?

Are you in a relationship?

Have you ever cheated?

Do you prefer sweet items to savory?

Is date night very important to you?

Do you get the same thing every time you go to a restaurant?

Have you ever gotten something from the kids' menu?

Would you say that you're picky?

Do you take a long time to get ready?

Do you have a great sense of fashion?

Do you spend lots of money shopping every month?

Do you have a job?

But are you close to having the job of your dreams?

Do you like traveling?

Have you been to more than 10 countries?

Are you a huge music fan?

Are you a good dancer?

Would you say that you take lots of risks?

Do you have a bad temper?

Have you ever gotten into a physical altercation with another person?

Is there one particular person who annoys you to death?

Did you go to college?

Are you proud of your accomplishments?

Are you happy right now?

Are you a good person?

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