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Canada is the second largest country in the world, but it's also one of the least densely populated. The overwhelming majority of its only 36 million inhabitants live within 100 miles of the American border, staying out of the Arctic Circle and its cripplingly low temperatures. Canada is a free and sovereign nation, a member of the Commonwealth, and the results of two major empires - France and Britain - being beaten out of a place whose inhabitants were determined to be, well, self-determined.

Widely considered to have the best living standards in the western hemisphere and among the best in the world, Canada is one of those countries nobody dislikes. It's not that everyone likes it, it's just they either have a positive opinion or not much of one at all. The literacy and numeracy rates are world class, the healthcare system is universal and affordable, and the crime levels are pretty darn decent. Many people are bilingual, and indeed, were it not for the very shady history concerning the native First Nations peoples, Canada would have very little to apologize about at all!

Canadians are so proud of their very nice, very safe country that they have been lobbying their government to bring in more Syrian and other refugees so they can share the wealth - and if you're not a refugee but you are highly skilled and a good person, they want you too. That means even if you're not born there, it's worth finding out whether you're Canadian at heart because it might be possible to become one officially!

Do you like Horton's?

Can you skate?

Is 50F a cold day?

Do you know how to make anything useful out of snow?

Do you like hockey?

Would you like some maple syrup?

Parlez vous Francais?

Do you need to be internationally liked?

Is healthcare a right?

Do you feel weird about the treatment of First Nations people?

Would you wear fur?

Do you enjoy having four very distinct seasons?

Do you believe education is a right?

Is politeness worth it?

More than 50% of Canadians went to college, making it the most educated country! Do you have a degree?

Do you ever lie about your nationality when you travel?

Do you need to know you have more lakes than any other country?

Do you like mac and cheese?

Would you like a license plate shaped like a bear?

Do you take pride in having a very long coastline?

Would you like to cross the longest street in the world, Yonge Street?

Do you like the idea of having the world's longest undefended border?

Do you own a piece of the Canadian-owned (yes really) Mall of America?

Does your country have weapons of mass destruction?

Are you partly Iroquois?

Like America, Canada owes a lot of its laws (and its name) to the Iroquois. Do you know anything about their history?

Would you like the idea of police giving you a "positive ticket" for doing something good in your community?

Have you successfully repelled an American invasion of your country, more than once?

Canada was the third country in space. Do you consider the space race to be important?

Should banknotes have Braille on them to help the blind?

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