This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal if You're Actually British

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About This Quiz

You're the cat's pajamas simply for being willing to ask the question of just how British you are. While being at least partly British has been a thing that many people in many countries have had to learn somewhat unexpectedly in the past, many people worldwide are just naturally born kinda British. 

The best part is, you don't have to be from Britain to be secretly British. You simply have to have a strong sense of fair play, a horror of public displays of emotion, an excessive fondness for beer, and the ability to reflexively say sorry to someone when they're the one who trod on your foot, not the other way around. You may also love dogs, but not be so keen on children, enjoy layering every single outfit you own year-round so it can adapt to just about any weather scenario, and be willing to go on a picnic in the rain because that's the day you planned to picnic and gosh darn it, a little drizzle isn't going to stop you!

By Jove, old fellow, you really are a good egg for deciding once and for all to establish your Britishness - or lamentable lack thereof - using our indisputable, objective, and highly scientific method of answering these questions. Pour yourself a lovely cup of tea and click onward!

Is tea at 5 p.m.?

Do you feel anything when you hear "Land of Hope And Glory?"

Do you think a cucumber sandwich is a good idea?

Is there an umbrella somewhere on your person at all times?

Do you understand people who speak with a Cockney accent?

Do you call soccer football?

Do you think talking about your feelings is sometimes inappropriate?

Are you always just slightly late for dinner parties?

Do you think the idea of not heating your house in the winter is insane?

Do you think the Queen is really awesome?

Do you think that the opposite of "conservative" is "socialist", not "liberal"?

Do you think Britain is on the right side of most current world events?

Do you know the name of most of Theresa May's cabinet?

Do you often visit stately homes for fun?

Do you think 82F is a hot day?

Do you wear sunscreen in the summer?

Do you know how to make a perfect cup of tea?

Do you know what elevenses is?

Do you think it's perfectly logical that all the Disney villains have British accents?

Do you ever use "British" and "English" as interchangeable terms?

Do you understand how Wales is different to Scotland in their relationship to the Union?

Do you know when the Normans invaded?

Do you understand vegetarianism?

When you say "the city", do you definitely mean London, and only London?

Do you think America is the best ally?

Do you trust France, the country?

Do you trust France, the people?

Do you spell "color" with a "U"?

Do you tell people about your life goals?

Would you be embarrassed to be seen working really hard for something, especially if you didn't get it?

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